MedSolutions were founded as a joint trade platform of several top tier Chinese exporters to help combat the current global pandemic
Our shareholders have imported billions of dollars of products to
Fortune 500 companies including WalMart or Sysco.
Everyone in our company understands that
quality and conformity is life-critical in these time and we use our connections and experience to secure and guarantee deliveries of the products
We are accepting a wide variety of payment terms including LC
Some of our founder’s global offices were converted into a crisis response branches and now offering points of contact in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Prague and Addis Abeba

Who we are

We are the guarantors of quality and stability in those turbulent times

Product Range


Our suppliers provide wide range of different certification levels of masks including N95, KN95 and FFP2


High quality melt blown cloth gowns and accessories with various AAMI/SMS levels and certifications.


FDA approved PVC, Nitrile and Latex Gloves from a variety of certified factories

Protective Gear

Hazmat suits up to Level 5 as well as medical face shields and goggles.


Ut congue quis tortor

varius eget sodales.

Order process

Our Export Outlets

Sichuan New Rise

One of the top exporters in Sichuan

Province with 500mm USD+

export turnover


Sichuan National

Import Export


contact information

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